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80 Years of Bomb Disposal - The Next 75 Years  BD75logo

There is no doubt that EOD in some guise will be around in another 80 years for there will always be a battlefield to clear, a UXO unexpectedly dug up or a terrorist trying to kill and destroy Security Forces, the general public and national infrastructure. The serving men and women and the Units will change but there will always be a requirement which is likely to require further specialist equipment and novel techniques to deal with increasingly complex threats.

It is likely that the proliferation of international criminal networks and underground terrorist organisations will make sensitive information and bomb making equipment more accessible to the terrorist or crank/criminal. Globalisation, migration and availability of information all contribute to the ease in which more sophisticated explosive devices can be produced. EOD will continue to endure, evolving and flexible to counter and deal with the evolving threat.

Cutlas EOD Robot Bomb Disposal is a key part of the Armed Forces Future Force 2020 and the current restructuring and re-equipping is designed to deliver a new framework for the British Army, capable of dealing with the likely threats of the 21st Century.