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Welcome to the Regimental History Section

The Association has started a Regimental Virtual Museum Project, which will present the history of the Regiment from it's origins in the 1860's at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kenisngton, London, through to it's current establishment at Wimbish in Essex and it's future part to play in Army 2020.
A basic set of web pages exits at the moment but these are due to be transformed using Adobe Flash technology into a more immersive and interactive Virtual Museum environment.
During 2013 the Association appointed three Historical Research Committee members and during 2014 we will start publishing the results of their first assignments.
I am sure you are aware 2014 was the start of the 100th Anniversary of the 1st World War. A series of commemerative events are being held over the four year centenary period to mark the occassion.
Members of the Association took part in the RBL November 2016 Battle of the Somme commemoration at Theipval.
With it's origins dating from 1860 and the 1st Middlesex Volunteer Engineers, the Regiment fought in WW1 first as the Engineer support element to 47 (2nd London) Division in 1914, and then from 1915 elements of the Regiment fought as Engineer support to 60 (2/2 London) Division.

The logo to the left will take you to the brief WW1 Reigmental summary we have compiled to date.
In 2015, Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal celebrated its 75th Anniversary.
In 2016 the Corps of Royal Engineers it's Tri-Centenary.
In 2020 we mark the 80th Anniversary of Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal.